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Lord Voldemort and Hermione Granger

Their love is a betrayal.

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Lord Voldemort and Hermione Granger -Betrayal
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This is a community that supports Lord Voldemort and Hermione Granger -or in other words Tom Riddle and Hermione Granger.

Hermione/Voldemort Rec Lists

Main Rules:

[x]Try to use grammar.
[x]Always give a rating -any rating allowed, just warn us first.
[x]No flaming!
[x]Please don't 'pimp' other communities, they will be deleted

Fanfiction rules:


Fan-art rules:

[x]Title of pic:
[x]A bit about it[?]:

Introduce yourself: (optional)

Affiliates If you would like to become one email me at averillovessev@livejournal.com
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Archive of LV/HG Stories hgtrlv_archive

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