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New Chapter for Prisoner

Hi Everyone,

Chapter 15 of The Prisoner is posted on AO3, FFnet and AFFnet, pending approval on GE

Title: The Prisoner
Chapter Title: Fool Me Once
Author: Nerys
Pairing: Hermione Granger and Tom Riddle (obviously)
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: M
Warnings: None for this chapter
Wordcount: 5,466
Summary: Imprisoned, Lord Voldemort is considered a threat of the past. His knowledge is desired by many. Yet, his offer is for one person only: Hermione Granger.

AO3 url:
FFnet url:
AFFnet url:

blue dragon

[New fic] Reconstructed

Title: Reconstructed
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Tom Marvolo Riddle (Lord Voldemort)/Hermione Granger
Rating: R
Warning/s: Adult themes, AU, violence, torture, UST, extreme violence, EWE (Epilogue what Epilogue), and so on.
Betas: Nerys
Summary: Sent back in time by a mysterious person and trapped in the past with a missing Dumbledore and an overbearing, charismatic Dark Lord, they had no idea how much they could dabble with time before the world they knew shattered into pieces.
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and I don't make money from these writings.
A/N: Written for fourdoornightclub, as a part of the fic-exchange challenge at our Tomione forum.

Many thanks to Nerys for beta-ing this chapter. Huge, huge thanks to Lady Miya and Nerys for brainstorming with me when I wrote myself into a corner.


FFnet Version


AFFnet Version


AO3 Version


LiveJournal Version

Part 1
Part 2

The GrangerEnchanted Version is still pending approval.

New story: The Founder's Magic

Hey all! I've written a new story and I'd like to post the link to it here. :-)

Penname: Shoplifterette
Title: The Founder's Magic
Rating: R-NC-17
Summary: Hogwarts is in peril - a dark witch wants to destroy the castle. This triggers an ancient protective magic by the four founders themselves, which raises the most powerful wizards of all time that visited Hogwarts from the dead - including Albus Dumbledore and Tom Marvolo Riddle. Hermione/Tom, AU.

Please ignore any and all spelling mistakes, as I am not a native speaker. I'd love some reviews!
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New Chapter of The Prisoner

Title: The Prisoner
Author: Nerys
Pairing: Tom and Hermione, naturally.
Chapter 14: Complications
Word count: 9,427 (according to FFnet)
Genres: Drama/Romance
Rated: M
Summary: Imprisoned, Lord Voldemort is considered a threat of the past. His knowledge is desired by many. Yet, his offer is for one person only: Hermione Weasley-Granger



GE is pending approval.

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new one-shot

New story from Nerys,

Title: Vengeance of the Serpent
Category: Harry Potter
Character(s): Hermione G. & Voldemort & a red serpent
Words: 1,951
Genre(s): Angst/Drama
Rating: Rated: T
Warnings: violence, not too descriptive gore
Summary: In a world ruled by the Dark Lord, one would prefer to be a serpent over a
Mudblood. TMR/LV-HJG



This is a special birthday gift for Serpent-In-Red. Happy birthday, dear.
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The Forbidden Ship

Hi y'all,

Title: The Forbidden Ship.
Summary: A collection of Tomione drabbles/one-shots/outtakes. Different genres/ratings. Some with adult content, others without; therefore the codes are posted in the respective chapters they occur in. General codes: Angst, Bigotry, ChallengeFic, COMPLETE, M/F, MCD, MiCD, Oneshot, Tort, UST, Violence
Pairing: TMR/LV-HJG
Ratings: varies between drabbles. 

Just posted a new Volmione smutty drabble on AFFnet only.

Prompt was "yoga mat". 
Adult ++ rating.
Warnings for "yoga mat": BP, Dom, MC, CR, Fingering, M/f, PWP, gore, bigotry,